Godey’s Shawl 1864 Kit, Brown Sheep Nature Spun Sport



This is a kit for knitting the 1864 Godey’s Lady’s Book Shawl.  This kit uses Brown Sheep Nature Spun Sport, a 100% Wool Sport weight yarn.  It has wonderful hand, and is completely grown and processed in the US.  If you are looking for an extremely historically accurate yarn for your shawl, order the Brown Sheep Nature Spun kit.
Kit includes 7 skeins of Nature Spun Sport in two colors, and full knitting instructions.  Size 6 straight or circular needles are optional.  I do not recommend circular knitting needles for knitting in public as part of a historical demonstration.
If you would like another color combination, please contact me.  I would be happy to put any other color combination together for you!  Other Nature Spun Colors can be seen here:  Brown Sheep Nature Spun.
Please allow an extra week for processing, as some colors may need to be reordered at times.  If this is the case, I will let you know right away so you are not wondering where your kit is!

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