Ashford Elizabeth 30 Special Edition Single Treadle


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This is the only Ashford Elizabeth 30 Special Edition I will ever have in my shop!  This beautiful production wheel has a huge 30″ drive wheel so even the most serious spinners can spin quickly and efficiently.  The huge wheel is mounted on ball bearings for a wheel that just won’t stop turning.  


• Wheel diameter 76cm (30ins)
• Orifice 1cm (3/8ins)
• Bobbin capacity 100gms (3-4oz)
• Ratios 10.5, 13.5, 18:1(22:1 bobbin lead)
• Packed weight 11.3kg (25lb)
• Supplied in 2 extra strong cartons

This wheel is lacquered and unassembled.  Assembly takes a little more than one hour.  This wheel comes with a lazy Kate, orifice hook, and a Learn to Spin booklet.

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